Pet Contract

Pet Kitten Sale Contract


1. The health of the kitten is guaranteed.  The seller will replace the kitten with one of comparable quality should it die of a genetic defect before its 5th birthday, providing Purrcasso Persians is still breeding, and that defect is evidenced in an signed veterinary necropsy report provided to seller.  This will include a description of clinical signs to support the opinion as well as any appropriate diagnostics.  The guarantee does NOT cover conditions stemming from the buyer's neglect, accidents, or illness that kitten came in contact with while in the buyer's care, including death as a complication to veterinary care.  The guarantee does not cover fleas, mites, intestinal parasites, fungal infections or other non-life-threatening conditions.  The quarantee applies only to the original buyer.  There will be NO cash refunds.

2 .  Buyer accepts full responsibility for this kitten once it is in the buyer's possession.  The seller is NOT liable for any veterinary fees or other costs and expenses directly and indirectly associated with this kitten after it has been released from Purrcasso Cattery.  The buyer agrees to provide properly for the kitten's health and welfare, and will insure it always receives prompt veterinary care; failure to do so voids the guarantee.  Buyer agrees never to relinquish kitten to a shelter or similar facility.

3.  Buyer has 3 days to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian to insure good health after which time the sale is considered final.  There will be absolutely NO cash refunds after 72 hours.

4.  The kitten has had some vaccinations and dewormings and the buyer is given a health record of these and is responsible for insuring the kitten receives those still due.

5.  Buyer agrees to keep this kitten as an indoor pet and never to allow it to roam free outdoors unattended.  

6.  Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this kitten by 6 months of age and agrees and guarantees that this kitten WILL NOT be used for stud or breeding.  Purrcasso Persians may provide the registration paper for this kitten after presentation of a signed veterinarian's certificate of spaying or neutering.

7.  Purrcasso Persians makes no guarantees concerning the future fertility or show achievements of this kitten.

8.  A $50 deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Deposits may be transferred to another kitten or cat at Purrcasso's discretion.  The kitten must be paid in full before the buyer can take possession.  If the buyer fails to pick up the kitten or make arrangements to do so, another home will be arranged.

9.  Buyer agrees to pay any and all court costs if this contract is litigated and that any suit shall be tried in the seller's state and under seller's state law (Idaho State, Kootenai County).