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Thank you to our fellow exhibitors and friends who supported us, to the breeders who have shared their cats with us and to all the judges who awarded our cats in  their finals.


2021-2022 Show Season :




GC, NW Bella Mia Ava of Purrcasso

2021-2022 CFA's 2nd Best Kitten Regions 1-9
2021-2022 CFA's NWR Best Kitten
one show grand



IW BW QGC Bella Mia Nick-of-Time
Loved & shown by Jan & Ed Chambers
Thank you for presenting him so beautifully

TICA 9th Best Kitten Internationally
TICA Best of Breed Exotic Kitten
TICA Best Kitten SC Region
TICA 17th Best Cat SC Region




GC, RW Perseven Fuji of Bella Mia

2021-2022 CFA's NWR 15th Best Cat
NWR 2nd Best of Breed Solid Exotic



GC, RW Maradan Deigo of Bella Mia

2021-2022 CFA's NWR 23rd Best Cat
Best Blue Tabby Exotic Regions 1-9
NWR Best of Breed Tabby Exotic



Bella Mia Shane of Purrcasso

Shown as split season kitten for 2022-2023



GC Delicatessan Vibrato of Bella Mia

Shown as split season kitten for 2022-2023
New 2 show grand



an Diego  RW MaradanGC, RW Maradan adaGC, RW Maradaaada MiDgo of Bella Miaadan DGC, RW Maradan